Australia's Award Winning Sex Therapist and Relationship Specialist.


Chantelle Otten is a internationally educated Sexologist, Scientist and Sex and Relationship Expert who has European and Australian education and work experience.

Her education includes three year Bachelor in Psychological Science and Masters of Science in Medicine, Sexual Health/Psychosexual Therapy from the University of Sydney.

Sex Therapy. The goal? Increase communication, self assertion and self protection.


  • My partner wants to have sex more often than I do.
  • Our desires are different
  • We would like to get more out of our relationship
  • Sex is difficult!I have a sexual problem/ my partner has a sexual problem
  • My partner and I are growing apart
  • I don’t have an intimate relationship
  • I have issues or problems that interfere with relationships
  • My illness is effect my sex life or my relationship


Chantelle has a Young Scientist Award nomination for the 24th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI) in which she is also performing a presentation addressing aftercare and specialised follow up to minimise negative health and sexual consequences for women who have had ‘PBSO’ Preventative Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy; meaning removal of ovaries for reduction of risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Chantelle has trained at FemPoli clinic in Zwolle, The Netherlands alongside her mentor Ingrid Pinas (

In February 2017 Chantelle won a prestigious award for the best poster presentation on Female Sexual Medicine at the 19th Congress European Society of Sexual Medicine in Nice, France, alongside her co-author Gyneacologist Dr Ingrid Pinas. The presentation covered the Sexual Functioning and Menstrual Pattern Migraine: Pilot Study on Effects of Hormonal Interventions During Menopause Transition.

She has featured in the, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Post, Body and Soul magazine, as a Priceline guest speaker and on various podcasts.

Her scientific abstracts are featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Otten, I. Pinas: PS-02-008 Sexual functioning in women with menstrual pattern migraines. The Journal of Sexual Medicine April 2017Volume 14, Issue 4, Supplement, Page e112. DOI:

Otten, I. Pinas: HP-07-003 Sexual functioning and menstrual pattern migraine: pilot study on effects of hormonal interventions during menopause transition. The Journal of Sexual Medicine April 2017Volume 14, Issue 4, Supplement, Page e156-7. DOI:

She is a Member of The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd., The European Society of Sexual Medicine, The International Society of Sexual Medicine and and a guest speaker for Priceline.


“Chantelle is a pleasure to learn from and talk with. Her clear passion for educating people on sexology and sexual health is only triumphed by the sexual empowerment she exudes by talking so openly about sex and educating others. Talking with her will leave you feeling refreshed, empowered and enlightened. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Julie Hasche (Single Mothers Survival Guide:

“I cannot speak highly enough of Chantelle Otten’s services! I sought her help during a very rough time in my relationship. Chantelle guided me through the emotions I was feeling and helped me understand the issues from a new perspective.

During my sessions with Chantelle I found her to be a very soothing, yet energising presence and she has inspired me to embrace my individuality and femininity. Chantelle has empowered me with the tools to develop and strengthen the communication and intimacy of my relationship.

If there is anyone who is unsure about seeking relationship or intimacy advice, I would strongly recommend making an appointment with Chantelle. Not only has she helped me reinvigorate my relationship, but I have walked away feeling the most confident and self-assured I have ever felt in my life!! Thank you! ”

– Courtney

“Chantelle normalized every concern I had. I thought I was the only person with my issues and I felt broken. Her guidance allowed me to regain confidence and I now feel stronger and more capable of managing my sexual hurtles alongside my anxiety.”

– Carla

“Dear Chantelle
I can not begin to tell you how much you have done for my self, my marriage and my husband. I can not thank you enough!!!
Before I came across you, I was so upset and thinking I’ll never be ok, even though I wanted a normal sex life more than anything, I didn’t understand why my body did what it did.
I had no idea I was pushing (my husband) away from me and building a wall against him.
We now communicate our sex life much more. And I feel our marriage is much stronger now too.
Before you, we had a few marriage issues, but we loved each other so much, and couldn’t work out why we were annoying each other. I think vaginismus had a big part in that.
You have been AMAZING!!! And you have helped us more than you think.
We are going to go slow and steady for a bit until I’m ready and feel 110% comfortable.
We want to make our sex life more interesting than it was before.
We both think you’re amazing at what you do.
I clicked with you very quickly, and you made me feel comfortable.
I can not recommend you more highly!!!!!
If we need you for anything in the future, we will definitely ring you.
You have no idea how much you have helped me.”



Chantelle was born in Melbourne, Australia and comes from a Dutch background. Her family background sparked her interest in the cultural differences between sexual attitudes, norms and values, and she enjoys travelling the world meeting Sexologists and being educated on the differing sex, sexuality, normality, culture, creativity and language in the countries she visits.

She is motivated by the notion that there is no ‘normal’ from culture to culture, and what the expectation are of normal in each country does not necessarily accommodate to each individuals in the countries she meets, every individual is different.

Chantelle is a supporter of safe and pleasurable sexual health and relationships for everyone.


Sexuality and a healthy self esteem, communication and education is an integral part of personal outlook and every human being, every individual is entitled to sexual good health.

Sexual Health is multifaceted and in an ongoing process of physical, psychological and sociocultural well-being related to sexuality. As stated by the World Health Organisation; Sexual Health is evidenced in the free and responsible expressions of sexual capabilities that foster harmonious personal and social wellness, enriching individual and social life. It is not merely the absence of dysfunction, disease and/or infirmity. For Sexual Health to be attained and maintained, it is necessary that the sexual rights of all people be recognised and upheld.

Chantelle believes in providing appropriate support and information about sexual health concerns to individuals, the communities and professional entities through psychosexual therapy and assisting educational resources.
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