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The rise of the born-again virgin

Miranda Kerr and Ciara aren't alone - here's why more women are skipping sex, pre-marriage. Virginity is such a loaded word. It either conjures up magical memories or, for many of us, the absolute horrors. According to Durex, the average age at which women have intercourse in Australia is 18 years, while it's 17.4 years for the guys.

The Updated Basics Of One-Night Stands

Are you a cuddler? Or are you Mr. Wash and Go?

'I instated a night nudity policy at home - and you should too'

What happens when a non-naked person and her boyfriend start sleeping in the buff? As I separated the whites and colours like every good human should, reaching into the seemingly bottomless laundry basket I realised that while my undies to days' ratio matched, my boyfriend's clearly did not.

Chantelle Otten x Smile Makers

We live in a very open and curious world yet I feel sexual health is still not something discussed, not only with friends but also our partners. Some of you may remember one of my blog posts from late last year discussing a new product for women, brought to you by Smile Makers.

Weird things happen to some people after orgasm

FORGET about pleasure, for some people orgasms bring pain. For approximately one in 100 people, sex headaches, also known as orgasmic cephalgia, are very real. And this isn't the only reason some people avoid sex. In a recently published paper, "Did you climax or are you just laughing at me," researchers explored the rare phenomenas that are associated with orgasm.

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