Chantelle Otten


Chantelle Otten is a Melbourne based Psycho-Sexologist who is passionate about empowering people to feel great about their sexual health, self-esteem, communication and education.

A Melbourne local, Chantelle comes from a Dutch background. Having spent time living, studying and working in Holland, Chantelle has grown up with the European mindset that talking about sex, pleasure and relationships does not have to be shameful or taboo. A natural born communicator, she enjoys creating a setting where her clients can feel relaxed and free to talk about their sexual health in a safe, judgment-free environment. With numerous awards, accolades and published medical journal articles, Chantelle is not only an internationally acclaimed psycho-sexologist, but also a caring and empowering sex educator. With a background in scientific research, sexual medicine, and counselling, she believes that sexuality and self-esteem are an integral part of life, which everyone is entitled to. Good sexual health should always be enjoyable, pain free and without prejudice.

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Chantelle Otten is an experienced and certified Psycho-Sexologist, Scientist, and Sex and Relationship Expert with European and Australian education.

Her sexology qualifications include:

  • Bachelor in Psychological Science
  • Masters of Science Medicine, Sexual Health/Psychosexual Therapy, University of Sydney
  • ESSM School of Sexual Medicine
  • European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM) certified Psycho-Sexologist


Chantelle is Lovehoney’s Australian Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador, Womanizer ‘s Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador and a consultant for Bumble Australia. In addition to being a sexual wellness expert, Chantelle has been recognised as one of Australia’s first European Federation of Sexology, and European Society of Sexual Medicine certified Psycho-Sexologists.

Chantelle’s scientific contributions to sexual medicine and sexology have been recognised with a Young Scientist Award nomination for the 24th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI). She won best presentation on Female Sexual Medicine at the 19th Congress European Society of Sexual Medicine in Nice, France.

Her scientific abstracts are featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Otten, I. Pinas: PS-02-008 Sexual functioning in women with menstrual pattern migraines. The Journal of Sexual Medicine April 2017 Volume 14, Issue 4, Supplement, Page e112
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Otten, I. Pinas: HP-07-003 Sexual functioning and menstrual pattern migraine: pilot study on effects of hormonal interventions during menopause transition. The Journal of Sexual Medicine April 2017 Volume 14, Issue 4, Supplement, Page e156-7
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Chantelle’s work has been featured in articles on, Cosmopolitan magazine, New York Post, and Body and Soul magazine. She has spoken and contributed on various podcasts, and regularly presents at education seminars as part of her role as Priceline Pharmacy’s Sexual Wellness expert.

Chantelle Otten is a Sexologist in Australia and Europe and a Member of:

  • The European Society of Sexual Medicine
  • The International Society of Sexual Medicine

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Areas of Expertise

Chantelle Otten offers an inclusive and judgment-free space for all genders, orientations and identities. Welcoming both couples and singles, she is able to educate, empower, and counsel on a vast range of sexual wellbeing topics including:

Self Esteem
Body Image Issues
Sexual Identity Issues
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature /Delayed Ejaculation
Sexual Compulsivity
Mismatched Libido
Dyspareunia (Painful sex)
Coming Out
Cultural issues
Stress and Anxiety
Communication Difficulties
Sexuality and Parenting
Sex and conceiving