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Body talk: do you have low sexual self-esteem?

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Modern humans are demanding creatures. Hardwired to seek out speed and efficiency, we like our online purchases to be delivered within three hours (time > money), our dinners couriered directly to our doorsteps and our gratification, across all aspects of life, to be instant.

Thanks also to the pervasiveness of social media, talking critically about the things we like, love and hate can feel as natural as placing our coffee order each day. We want it all, we want it now, and should we be dissatisfied – well, you’ll be hearing from us.

Curiously, however, for many people the bedroom (and activities that occur within) still remains a notoriously taboo subject of discussion. Where the last few decades have been transformative for fuelling conversations surrounding sexual violence, safety and issues of consent, our rights to sexual pleasure and the importance of personal physical satisfaction still often fight to be heard outside the confines of close friendship circles and body positive health publications.


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