Chantelle Otten


Chantelle Otten provides support, education and empowering advice across a wide range of sexual health concerns. She offers private one-on-one and couples counselling sessions at her offices in Malvern and Carlton, Victoria. Online sex therapy sessions are also available through Skype.

An exciting and engaging public speaker, Chantelle is available to speak at educational events and professional functions both locally and internationally.

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What is a sexologist?

A sexologist is someone who studies the science of sex and how it makes you feel. Having spent years intensively studying human behaviour and sex, a sexologist can provide you with a clearer understanding of your own unique sexuality, as well as empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to lead a healthy sex life.

As an expert on sexual health and wellbeing, Chantelle is able to guide you through the physical, mental and social aspects of your sexual wellness. As someone with an inquisitive mind, Chantelle prides herself on being up to date with the latest research on sex and sexuality.

What happens in therapy?

During your first meeting with Chantelle she will get to know you by talking through a number of topics including your physical health, childhood/family beliefs about gender and sexuality, current and past relationships, and more. During this session she will ask you to be open and honest about your relationships, sexual activities, and sexual concerns.

The key to successful therapy is being open and honest with your practitioner. All conversations with Chantelle are confidential and judgment-free. At the end of your first session she will set homework and exercises to work on outside of your therapy time.

Common Questions:

  • My partner wants to have sex more often than I do
  • Our desires are different
  • We would like to get more out of our relationship
  • Sex is difficult! I have a sexual problem or my partner has a sexual problem
  • My partner and I are growing apart
  • I don’t have an intimate relationship
  • I have issues or problems that interfere with sex and relationships
  • My illness is affecting my sex life or my relationship

Who gets therapy?

People of all ages come to therapy to find answers, resolutions and education on sexual health and wellbeing. Therapy is a valuable tool that can help with a wide range of concerns such as:

Self Esteem
Body Image Issues
Sexual Identity Issues
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature /Delayed Ejaculation
Sexual Compulsivity
Mismatched Libido
Dyspareunia (Painful sex)
Coming Out
Cultural issues
Stress and Anxiety
Communication Difficulties
Sexuality and Parenting
Sex and conceiving