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The DIY Self-Love Deed Known As ‘Pre-Bating’ Works Absolute Wonders

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Not that we needed more proof, but science agrees that pre-bating is pretty much always a good idea.

Of all the different genres of masturbation, pre-bating is definitely a crowd favourite. Procrasti-bating is up there, but the undeniable psychological and physical benefits of pre-bating take the crown.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the term, chances are you’ve probably engaged in the practice. And if not – I can guarantee it comes highly recommended.

‘Pre-bating’ is the official name given to masturbating specifically to relieve yourself before an event. That ‘event’ could be a date, work, sleep, or anything you might want to de-stress before. Whatever it is, a well-timed self-love session can work wonders for you.

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