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What is a healthy Sex Life?

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The mating dance is personal and relates to much more than the number of times you ‘do it’ a week, or the style of sex you like. Passion takes work! Sex incorporates personal values, psychology, physical attributes, body image and feelings towards the person you like.

All of which changes and evolves as you grow older. Pay attention to your needs and your lovers need and learn how to tune into each other. A huge aspect of passionate sex is honesty, trust and emotional openness. Do the passionate tango! Passion comes when we give our attention fully to the admiration we have for our lover, tuning in to the mating dance. It is safe to say that closed energy in the bedroom does not lead to flying sparks. Sharing is an emotional skill and can be difficult, but it is best to remember that there is a profound connection between honesty and passionate sex.

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