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Why you should instate a night time nudity policy

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As I separated the whites and colours like every good human should, reaching into the seemingly bottomless laundry basket I realised that while my undies to days’ ratio matched, my boyfriend’s clearly did not.

My partner looked me straight in the eye and said “I change a few times a day.”

“WHAT?” I quickly retaliated. In two years together, had I missed the signs of an irritable bowel or a rebellious bladder? I made a mental note, pay more attention.

No. He insisted. “One pair for morning gym, one for the day, one for after work and one for bed.”

Yes, I’m living with a 28 pairs per week, 121 per month, 1456 per year kind of guy and I didn’t even realise.

I was fuming – how ridiculously excessive. The eco-warrior in me hates to think what all this jock washing is doing to Nemo and friends. But like all women, I’m a visionary. And that’s when it came to me. …. my boyfriend was sleeping naked.

I was onboard, too. We’d save on our eco/organic/gluten free laundry liquid (jokes on the GF) each week and I’d been reading good things about this sleeping naked business.

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